Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bess Armstrong

CAUTION: Watching this Movie COULD be Hazardous to the AMA!

Bess Armstrong (of MY SO-CALLED LIFE) in a long lost nude scene

THE HOUSE OF GOD is a great deal of fun; a black "dramady," with more truths about hospitals and the medical profession you would ever expect to hear in a Hollywood movie. Which, is probably why THE HOUSE OF GOD was never released in theaters, is not now nor ever been available on VHS, DVD or laser disk, and is never shown on Turner Classic Movies (which has the rights to the entire United Artists collection).

How this film was ever made is a mystery. Made during the hectic (and waning days) of United Artists (about the time of HEAVEN'S GATE), THOG is a scathing indictment of crass commercialism and techno-insanity that infects the medical industry in this country. The

profession can stand being seen as arrogant (THE DOCTOR, CHICAGO HOPE), incompetent (THE HOSPITAL, BRITTANIA HOSPITAL) or irreverent (MASH, PATCH ADAMS). However, apparently it will not tolerate being

portrayed as being largely composed of money grubbing ghouls.

This movie is MUCH better than most fare released in theaters. Lisa Pelliken is SCARY as a technology obsessed resident. Charles Haid is wonderful and Tim Matheson is fine. Some of the other acting is a bit too much on the buffoonish side, however. The film is mounted and photographed a bit too much like a made-for-TV movie, as well. Nonetheless, this movie is too fine and true to put down too much.

WARNING: If you DO obtain a copy of this movie (I got mine off SHOWTIME), DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, loan it to anyone without making a backup copy. YOU WILL NOT GET IT BACK!

Friday, February 29, 2008

I found a great copy

Jenny Agutter


I just watched this movie for the first time. I was expecting it to be poorly directed and from a weak script, but the bad cutting, the bad picture quality (was it taken from the screen?), the poor sound quality and the amateurish editing where the nudity has been removed in a very unrefined manner makes it a dread to watch. From the comments here I can understand that I am not the only one having had this experience with this movie. How sad that a decent copy is apparently not available on DVD. If anyone gets to get their hands one one I would appreciate to be notified. Jenny Agutter deserves better than this. Thanks!